Our next-generation software connects every system and stakeholder throughout the animal protein value chain.

Conscious Consumers

Consumers want to know where their food comes from and they’re concerned about the safety of animals, environmental impact, as well as their own health.


$55.5B Cost of reported global food safety cases in 2017 alone (with medical costs $93.2B) up 20% YOY, with 48M reported incidents. 420K people also died globally from food poisoning.

Environmental & Animal Welfare

A number of national and international goals such as the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals demand a reduction in environmental footprint.

Supply Chains

Legacy/ no systems lead to costly inefficiencies in transportation, packaging and labelling, and waste due to lack of uniformity. Blockchain is a future dream rather than a present day reality.

FarmBX is building the central point of intelligence for the $1.5T animal protein producing industry

  • animal & health
  • logistics & transport data
  • sensor telemetry
  • transaction & payments data

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Integrated Across the Value Chain

Farms & Ranches

  • Connects to existing farm management tools.
  • Simplifies transactions and scheduling with logistics partners.
  • Enriches analytics and enables powerful feedback loop.

Logistics & Transport

  • Reduction in the number of empty transport vehicles.
  • For livestock, live updates on arrival or delays as well as improved animal conditions.

Food Processors

  • More data from farms and ranches and lower costs due to improved logistics.
  • Powerful tracing data unlocks new capabilities around food safety.
  • Tighter feedback loops with the farmers and ranchers raising your animals.


  • Tracking and tracing information.
  • Enable proactive resolution of food safety threats.
  • Simplify quality control.


  • Know exactly where their food is coming from.
  • More access to healthier foods.
  • Peace of mind around animal welfare concerns.

The Team

Chris van den Berg Founder & Director

Chris was raised on a dairy farm in the Netherlands. He’s built two successful global ag-tech ventures including the world’s first SaaS marketplace and platform for cattle trading.

Erik Cooper COO & CFO

Erik has over a decade experience in Food & Agri finance, management and banking experience and previously founded Dustup a Dallas Texas based online cattle trading service.

Monica Hart Non Executive Director

Pieter Christiaan
van Oranje Nassau Non Executive Director

Anthony Padgett Non Executive Director

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